Smart Thermal Imaging Device

8 or 10 Inch Thermal Imaging and Face Recognition Device

Application Scenerio

With years of experience in the security industry and thermal imaging temperature measurement technology innovation, SINMAR Technology has realized modern information technology as its support, and built a networked information system for human body temperature measurement that covers a variety of public places, including network interconnection, information resource sharing, and complete application functions. . Combined with current biometric technology, thermal imaging temperature measurement technology, video intelligent analysis and other technical means, around “high precision, high efficiency, low cost, flexible deployment, safety and reliability”, we will achieve “effective prevention, timely control and the grand construction goal of eliminating sudden public health incidents and their harm

Core Advantages

-Thermal imaging full-field temperature measurement characteristics, easy to screen abnormal temperature points in the area.

-Real-time temperature measurement response, real-time data analysis, improve temperature measurement efficiency

-Support compensation temperature and alarm temperature settings to improve monitoring efficiency

-The device satisfies face recognition, QR code recognition (optional), ID card recognition (optional), and swipe card recognition.

-Intelligent wide dynamic recognition camera.

-Multi-scenario application, which can realize multiple functions such as access control, education attendance, information release, recipe display, dish reservation, account recharge, videophone, public resource reservation, Classroom Internet & Etc.

Product Features

1 . List pre-authorization and self-authorization.The integrated design is adopted to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment, and provide guarantee for the accuracy of identity verification.

2. Support witness card identification and stranger warning function. The face recognition all-in-one machine supports personalized customization.

3. Support cloud and local identification.Support to adjust the recognition distance. Equipped with offline and online 10,000 face database to support massive historical record storage.
Fast and efficient, with high recognition accuracy and fast verification speed.

4. Non-contact identification is completely different from fingerprints and punching methods, frees hands, and does not require special cooperation to have a strong sense of experience. The situation of losing or forgetting to bring the identification card no longer occurs. The device will not be touched frequently, so the failure rate is low and the stability is high.

5. Voice broadcast, user-friendly touch screen, simple and stylish interface.

6. HD color screen and high resolution.

7. Heat dissipation hole and speaker sound: The sound quality of the speaker is high, and the heat dissipation hole for the ventilation of machine temperature.

8. Support Chinese and English switching, high-definition voice prompts.

9. Support USB disk download and self-service report.

10 . Support multiple system functions such as access control, access registration and consumption.

11. Support mounting to wall and also to single standard stand.



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