Fotoware 7.0 release !

In today´s release FotoWare presents Version 7.0 of the FotoWare product suite containing new groundbreaking and high speed opportunities.

Highlight of the release is the massive speed improvement and connectivity achieved through TCP/IP communications. This groundbreaking upgrade in client – server communication opens up new opportunities for users working in a LAN/WAN environment, or over VPN. FotoStation Client users can now access FotoWeb archives remotely!

This means that you can sit in your FotoStation Client, with all its powerful functionality at your fingertips, and browse and download images from your branch office in Paris, or favorite picture agency, just like it was your own local archive! At a speed that knocks you out!

But this is not all. We have lots of good news for you! For a complete overview , please download the PDF Bhochure here .

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