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FotoWare Cameleon helps you organise your images and text in any Microsoft, Adobe and Quark document. You won’t depend on someone’s presence or goodwill to find the text or image you are looking for.

Save time and money with automated processing tools integrated with your publishing applications.

FotoWare Cameleon is a perfect solution for updating of archived files, such as modification of presentations, sales material and product shots. Thousands of companies around the world have saved man-years after installing a FotoWare system.

FotoWare Cameleon offers three different and scalable solutions, Cameleon Standard, Cameleon Professional and Cameleon Web.

  • FotoWare Cameleon Standard is aimed at small office environments, typically with one to five people who want to share and store their pictures, PDF files, video, sound and PowerPoint presentations.
  • FotoWare Cameleon Professional is targeted at small to medium size companies with high input and storage of pictures or other files. The solution’s ability to perform high speed search and simultaneous indexing of new files makes it ideal for environments with high demands for speed and availability.
  • FotoWare Cameleon Web forms a complete workflow and archive solution, where one client using FotoStation Pro can be used to configure and maintain the archive, while the rest of the organization and external users connect using web browsers.


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