Manage your digital assets

FotoWeb is a complete solution for maintaining, processing and sharing digital assets.
Based on web server technology, it can be used in a local network or in an Internet solution – or both.


Store pictures, graphics, documents, presentations and videos and process them with custom workflows.


Customizable navigation coupled with a powerful search engine makes it easy for users to find the assets they need.


Get access to your assets through web, desktop clients, mobile, tablet and in the software you use the most often!

Easy access to graphics and logos

Create powerful workflows by combining processes in an action, and produce exactly the output you want!


Place graphics by dragging them into your layout. They can also be placed directly into Office placeholders.


Size, crop and rotate pictures to fit your document or presentation. All processing is server-side.


Pin your most used graphics, pictures or logos to find and use quickly the next time you need them.

A powerful server application designed to make all your digital assets accessible through a standard web browser. FotoWeb handles archives with millions of images, PDFs and other multimedia content, and offers powerful search capabilities when connected to FotoWare Index Manager.

FotoWeb is the total solution for publishing your digital assets on the web. With FotoWeb your employees, customers and partners will be able to quickly and easily find the assets they need and use them in their documents, on web pages or printed material.

  • Easy to use and very fast
  • Ideal for cross-media publishing
  • Supports images, documents, graphics, movies and PDF
  • Simplify and enhance collaboration and workflow
  • Customizable sales and activity reports
  • Easy to install, configure and administer
  • Centralize your asset management even with distributed organizations
  • Completely customizable to your own branding
  • Powerful integration and custom development possibilities

Optional Fotoweb Modules

Fotoweb Desktop

Fotoweb Desktop is an application designed to bridge the gap between a FotoWeb archive and your desktop computer. It offers the possibility to check out files from your web archive, download them to the local computer and edit them in their associated applications on the computer.

FotoWeb Desktop extend the power of the web to your desktop by

  • Check-out and check-in of documents with file locking to prevent access to a file being edited by another user
  • Open files in the native local application, then save the file and check it back into FotoWeb
  • Crop, edit and correct image files

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