Color Factory

Powerful workflow processing



Sort large amounts of incoming files in a manageable structure.


Verify that files in your system comply with your internal metadata standards.


Free up local resources by sending all heavy processing operations to Color Factory.


Color convert PDF’s to prepare them for print, or extract images from your PDF’s for processing.


Crop, resize and convert picture formats with a number of well- and lesser known formats to choose from.


Add Country and City metadata using GPS coordinates from a digital SLR camera, or the other way around.


Image enhancement and quality assurance


Optimize image quality with the SmartColor automatic image processing module for better pictures.


Choose between Lino CMS Engine and Adobe Color Engine when setting up Color Management.


Create workflow rules that allow you to manually process files that don’t meet your quality standards.

A powerful server application designed to increase the efficiency of your daily production. Through batch processing and automatic image management, Color Factory ensures quality control, a smooth workflow and prepares all your digital assets.

Color Factory handles file flow tasks, quality control, automatic repro and image enhancement, color management, PDF processing and archive management.

Color Factory is a highly efficient server application tailor made to process large quantities of digital images and PDF documents every day. It will automate many of the common tasks in a production workflow, and make sure the daily production runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • Improved quality – automatically
  • Full colour control
  • Automated workflow
  • Integrates with your editorial system
  • Automate repetitive production tasks

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