FotoWare Connect

Multi-threaded architecture means multiple transfers can run at any one time


Distribute files from a single input to an endless number of destinations and across different network protocols.


Transfer entire folder structures easily, mirroring the original folder structure or not – it’s your choice.


Automatically rename processed files using a number of options to get exactly the result you want.


Sort files by file type, prefix or the number of files in each output folder.


Offload file processing servers by distributing output files evenly between servers.


Choose when your channels should run and not by setting a Run Schedule for each input.


Convenient to use and manage


Users can easily transfer files by dropping them into an input folder. Connect takes care of the rest.


Stay in control of file transfer activity on your servers using the Operations Center administration console.


Connect automatically transfers files across local and network drives, email, FTP and FotoWare protocols. Set it and forget it!

Connect 7.0 is the new file transfer automation server from FotoWare. It monitors multiple inputs and distributes files from local or network folders, FTP sites, FotoWeb servers, and email servers. It is the ideal tool for centralized archives with a need to distribute files to a number of branch offices, or as an in-house utility to automate workflow operations

  • Automated file transfer across many protocols
  • Support for secure protocols
  • Advanced, configurable file routing with file filtering capabilities
  • Automatic file renaming and character mapping
  • Set-it-and-forget-it functionality – yet easy to reconfigure when needed
  • Multithreaded architecture for simultaneous file transfer in multiple channels
  • Unlimited number of outputs per channel
  • Support for several common protocols:
    • Local file system
    • Windows shares (SMB)
    • FotoWeb
    • Index Manager (input)
    • Email (output)
  • Configurable file sorting methods
  • Automatic file renaming
  • Configurable load/storage balancing scheme in destinations
  • Automatic virus scanning using 3rd party virus scanner with configurable handling of infected files

The FotoWare Operations Center keeps an overview of all FotoWare applications on the server. It lets system operators monitor and administer channel activity and pending file transfers in an easy to use web interface.

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