Smart Clean

SmartClean™ – Perfect pictures, automatically

This automated noise reduction feature improves the quality of your digital picture at a mouse click!

  • SmartClean™ filters out both high and low frequency noise at the same time
  • Achive better colour saturation and contrast with SmartClean™
  • SmartClean™ handles differences between shadow, high light and mid regions in an image

The software library contains a highly efficient and flexible photo noise reduction engine based on state-of-the-art technology developed under supervision of professional photographers.

By reducing noise in high ISO images with SmartClean™ it is possible to create images with more colour saturation and contrast.

SmartClean can handle images with more noise in shadow areas than in highlight areas. Luminance variations are filtered more carefully than chroma variations in order to preserve image texture and detail sharpness.

SmartClean is available as an optional module in Color Factory Professional and Color Factory Enterprise.


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