Index Manager

Fast search processing


Make your pictures, Office documents and PDF’s searchable in all FotoWare clients.


Even with millions of stored assets, search for anything and retrieve it in the blink of an eye.


Automatic index optimization means you always get maximum performance searches.

Fine-tune your archives


Store files anywhere in the network and access them through a common entry point.


Easily merge or split archives and control which users get access to your assets.


Fine-tune searches with controlled vocabularies, stemming rules and more.

A powerful server application designed to handle expanding archives of digital media. In providing fast access and high speed metadata search, Index Manager simplifies the process of archiving files and acts as a network catalogue and index service for FotoWare applications.

As a digital media archive grows, the need for fast access and high-speed search and retrieval grows with it. Increased power and flexibility is needed as the archive grows from zero to ten- or hundreds of thousands of files. Index Manager acts as a network catalog service, simplifying the archiving process and making the files easier accessible.

With Index Manager, your archive can expand for years – without becoming obsolete due to slow search processing or configuration problems.

Index Manager has full text support and search capabilities for Thai, Chinese and other Asian languages.

  • High speed search engine for digital media archiving
  • Supports images, movies, audio and graphics,
  • in addition to PDF, EPS and Microsoft Office documents
  • Supports offline archiving of any media files
  • Integrates with FotoStation and FotoWeb
  • Installed as a windows service


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